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10 facts about you. Tag 20 people after. 

o1. Your nickname

o2. Eye color. 
Dark Brown

o3. Hair color
Black with streaks of dark brown (nope, I didn’t have it colored. It’s natural)

o4. One fact about you. 
 I’ve attempted to run away once when I was young. I was naive back then so I didn’t put the clothes inside a bag. I bundled them up in my arms instead so when I went down the stairs, one shirt fell and I stepped on it, making me tumble down. So much for running away LOL

o5. Favorite color. 

o6. Favorite place

o7. Favorite celebrity
Don’t make me choose pls - all of my bias list xD

o8. Favorite animal. 

o9. Favorite song. 
Summer Emotion - KAT-TUN

10. Favorite book. 
 Harry Potter - J.K. Rowling

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